Tuesday, 6 July 2010

10 of The Best Looking VW Beetles

The German made Volkswagen Beetle has always been one of my favorite looking cars. Its unique and has never really been copied. The new model that was released by Volkswagen 1998, proves that the bug is loved by many, and in a way (even though the new one is ugly and completely different) Its great to see that it's spirit is still being celebrated.

Here are some of the best looking beetles that I have found on the internet. Some of them old, and some of them new.

VW Beetle Picture

VW Classic Beetle Picture

Now usually I hate people sticking their own bits on cars, but this one does actually work really well! Kudos. Its borderline looking like something off a Batman film though...

Bling VW Beetle

I think this is as low as it gets. Absolutely adore the 'Alpine' roof rack though.

Personal fav! Simple and classic.

My final note: You just can't beat the retro sophisticated look of the old Beetle. I really can't wait to get my hands on one. Now better get that mechanics course booked before I take the plunge :)

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